Why trust your patients’ custom AFO needs to Orthotica Labs?

Orthotica Labs was founded on the principle of making a complicated business simple. We do it by employing cutting-edge technology that significantly increases efficiency – yours AND ours – and vastly improves ease of use.

In addition, Orthotica’s industry-leading Nova technology platform provides customers unprecedented access to order workflow and financial data including: online order management, 24/7 billing and accounting access, on-demand order tracking throughout the manufacturing process, Integrated outcome measurement & patient recall tools and automated shipment tracking.

Doing business with Orthotica Labs is unlike any you’ve experienced before. A-breath-of-fresh-air alternative that not only delivers custom AFOS (and custom foot orthotics) whose fit and finish are unmatched, but whose dedication to the health of your patients and your practice, is evident in every aspect of our operation.

Welcome to your new home for custom AFOs…

Hand-Crafted to Perfection