But don’t take our word for it…

The time from scan to receiving orthotics at our door has been halved. We’re seeing greater patient satisfaction, fewer complaints and higher compliance levels.

Orthotica’s customer service is outstanding! I can get a hold of Jason or Peter nearly anytime – including before and after work hours. I’ve gotten answers from them with patients in the room. Patients truly value customer service when it comes to getting behind a product, and it has made a substantial difference with our practice.

Each of our physicians have and continue to be pleased with both customer service and the quality of the devices. Even the smallest suggestion for detail of an orthotic becomes integrated into the product within days of when we ask the lab to do so.

Switching to Orthotica Labs has been great for my practice. My partners and I couldn’t be more pleased!

James Renier, DPM

St. Cloud Foot & Ankle Center

I’ve been in practice 20 years and sports medicine/orthotics is the mainstay of my practice. I have never seen a lab produce such a great product with such fast turnaround time. Their app is amazing for submitting and tracking orders. Most importantly, my patients LOVE them and many request a 2nd pair.

If you want a lab that actually makes your life easier…Orthotica is it!

Misty McNeill, DPM

Weil Foot & Ankle

For over four decades, I have been in private practice on Martha’s Vineyard, specializing in biomechanics, orthotics, and rehabilitative podiatric medicine. Orthotica’s app scanning, ordering, and tracking modules are intuitive and easy to use for myself and my staff, and the patients find it fascinating.

I have found the products, personnel and practices at Orthotica to be exceptional!

Jay Segel, DPM

Segel Podiatry