The fast track to optimal patient outcomes

With Orthotica’s ScriptWise, prescribing custom foot orthotics is quick and easy, yet this sophisticated RX engine furnishes the most comprehensive set of options and personalizations in the industry.

ScriptWise enables precise, near-single-click prescription writing plus an array of tools to personalize the ordering process for each individual practitioner.

Efficient, rooted in decades of knowledge and experience, and a total game-changer for your practice. Powered by ScriptWise™, fully custom, error-free prescriptions are achieved at warp speed.

An intuitive user interface guides the practitioner in a simple, logical process:

ScriptWise Profiles

Standard Profiles

Preconfigured profiles that incorporate the most commonly requested posting, padding and covering options, and address a broad range of patient conditions, footwear and activities.

Condition-Specific Profiles

A set of profiles that incorporate the most commonly used prescriptive elements for various diagnoses or chief complaints.

User-Defined Profiles

A virtual lab where practitioners can easily build their own custom profiles for immediate application, or to save and apply to any future custom orthotic prescription. Design an unlimited number of customized profiles!

Near-single-click custom ordering is an important Orthotica innovation, but for the 10% of patients whose conditions demand something more, each profile is modifiable with an extensive array of additions and modifications.