We read quite often lately about ‘Podiatry in decline’. Many factors are discussed, but we believe that the two most potent elements in maintaining and growing podiatry’s impact and influence in medicine are virtually never examined: 1) practice modernization, and 2) the enhancement of services that significantly grow revenues while improving patient health and outcomes. Orthotica Labs was built on these two pillars.

Practices who are doing business with Orthotica are experiencing the most advanced, user-friendly and thoughtfully designed ways to manage an orthotics program. Imagine a lab relationship that is not only remarkably efficient and issue-free, but one that helps to continually improve your overall practice management.

Now imagine growing your practice and improving the lives of many of your patients without the hassle or expense of marketing. Orthotica helps practices view their existing patient base in new ways that result in expanded services that improve patients’ lives, leading to significant revenues hiding in plain sight.

Together with a growing number of visionary podiatric practices, Orthotica is helping prove that Podiatry is NOT in decline, but at an inflection point where Podiatry’s standing and significance are increasing day in and day out.

To learn more about how you and your patients can benefit from this exhilarating new way of approaching the future of podiatric care, schedule a call with either or both of us at your convenience. The future really is now. Don’t let it pass you by: Call us at 888.895.1305 or SCHEDULE A CALL.