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Our 3D Scanner App

The Orthotica3D app is our digital scanning tool, empowers healthcare providers with an efficient, comprehensive and intuitive set of tools that enable the prescribing and dispensing of custom-made lower extremity orthoses. The simple plug-and-play addition of a Structure Sensor scanning device transforms an ordinary iPad into a powerful tool to assist them in managing every aspect of their orthotic practice. From highly accurate 3D scanning to intuitive Rx writing, to outcome and quality metrics, to practice marketing. Orthotica3D does it all.

Orthotica Labs™ recognizes that its success as a new orthotic company will be built upon the success of its practitioner customers. In today’s healthcare environment, quality, reliability, and efficiency are essential elements of building a successful patient care enterprise. Our mission is to ease and facilitate that journey.

Every aspect of Orthotica Labs™ has been developed and designed from a “clinic first” point of view. The co-founders possess a deep understanding and appreciation of the challenges and many potential rewards of the 21st century clinician and have smoothed the way with an exciting array of tools and functionalities never before envisioned.

ScripWise, a powerful Rx builder, guides practitioners through an intuitive workstream resulting in a comprehensive foot orthotic prescription in minutes. Our pathology profiles and user-defined favorites empower practitioners to design their own orthotic menus and configurations.

Whether you are a clinician, an administrative support team member or other patient care professional, Orthotica3D will help you become more productive, improve your patient’s experience and contribute to the overall success of your healthcare enterprise.

Our scanning technology is fast, reliable and convenient. But for us, that’s just the baseline. Our entire process is not only seamless and simple, but complete and incomparable.

Download the Orthotica 3D app from the Apple Store