With Orthotica Labs, Jason Kraus and Peter Karolidis Unify 65 Years’ Experience Into
Ground-Breaking Custom Orthotics Venture

Riverhead, NY – March 24, 2022Orthotica Labs, a state-of-the-art custom orthotics laboratory focused on the lower extremity care, today announced its official launch following a successful three-month beta testing program. With an unparalleled focus on the practical needs of both doctor and patient, Orthotica Labs’ technology platform offers unparalleled functionality and ease of use while delivering custom fabricated orthotics distinguished by exquisite quality, fit and finish.

Orthotica Labs’ product portfolio was thoughtfully developed to streamline the ordering process yet provide the most comprehensive set of options and personalizations in the industry. The company’s custom foot orthotics are available across four product lines that address a broad range of functional control options; these include the company’s Fit Line, Athletica Line, Ultra Line and Contour Line.

Orthotica Labs’ founders, Jason Kraus and Peter Karolidis, have dedicated their careers to the development of innovative solutions that assist practitioners in more efficiently and effectively treating lower extremity pathologies. The founders’ extensive knowledge of lower extremity biomechanics, along with unequaled experience in fabricating the finest quality custom orthoses, have guided their development of Orthotica Labs. Explains Mr. Kraus, “In creating Orthotica Labs, Peter and I committed to what we term a ‘clinic first’ approach. Every aspect of the company is focused on improving both the clinic’s efficiency and ours, ultimately resulting in impeccable custom medical devices whose efficacy is unmatched. Simply put, patients get better faster, and everyone wins.”

Adds Mr. Karolidis, “‘Custom made easy’ isn’t just a slogan at Orthotica, it’s a promise. We’ve designed our ScriptWise® ordering system to provide near single-click prescription writing for even the most challenging cases. Complexity and frustration have been replaced by an underlying technology that’s smart, efficient and capable of generating any custom orthotic Rx in seconds.”

About Orthotica Labs

Headquartered in Riverhead, NY, Orthotica Labs fabricates custom orthoses for healthcare practitioners who treat diseases associated with the lower extremity. The company’s ‘clinic first’ doctrine ensures that healthcare providers and their patients enjoy a friction-free experience leading to practice efficiency, practice growth, and optimal patient outcomes at warp speed. https://orthotica.com/  (888)-895-1305

Contact: Mark Lipsky, Twining Vines Communications, (505) 510-0104