We’ve got
good news
and bad news

The good news…

Orthotica is a boutique operation whose commitment to excellence, attention to detail, perpetual innovation and breathtaking customer service delight our clinics and their patients day in and day out. What enables this consistent delivery of service excellence, is our refusal to add more accounts to our client list than our capacity allows. Orthotica’s disciplined approach is winning high praise from its existing clients and is a commitment to all who will join us in the future in this exciting journey.

The bad news…

We are approaching full capacity until additional resources are added.

Accordingly, we will be limiting new accounts for the balance of year to a total of 200. If you believe as we do that the best days lie ahead for Podiatry, we invite you to join us while capacity allows. We hope you will welcome this opportunity to unite with the expanding number of visionary practices who valued the consistent quality, reliability and practice enhanced tools that are the foundational pillars of the Orthotica brand. If you want to explore and see what all the fuss is about, we would welcome the opportunity to reserve limited Orthotica capacity for your clinic. Please click below to schedule a brief call to determine if we will be a good fit for you.

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