The Ultimate Guide

To Balance AFOs and to Providing the Definitive Falls Prevention Program

Join us for a monthly series on a topic that is vital for a substantial percentage of your existing patients and can provide explosive growth for your practice. Hosted by Orthotica Labs and LER and presented by Dr. Jonathan Moore, DPM, the series will break down the importance of balance AFOs to your patients and your clinic, along with expert guidance for how to incorporate balance AFOs and falls prevention into your practice or improve existing programs.

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Orthotica Labs’ innovative Life in Balance Program delivers all the tools necessary for practitioners to confidently assess and treat patients at risk for falling. Our proprietary algorithm for objective risk assessment designs the right treatment plan for each at-risk patient and automatically generates all required compliance & billing documents.

The Program’s methodology adheres to CDC and CMS guidelines for management of fall risk patients, focusing exclusively on the lower extremity. In addition, practitioners utilizing the Life in Balance Program satisfies four MIPS standards.

In this one-hour program, Dr. Moore reviews the essential elements of MBB compliance including:

  • Diagnosis Codes for the MBB
  • Essential chief complaint and physical exam components that need to be in your note
  • What Fall Risk codes are part of MIPS coding? Measures 155, 154
  • Is there a Fall Risk Assessment tool for Podiatric Doctors? Is it reimbursable?
  • What about Same or Similar? Key Protocols to Overcome Same or Similar Denials

Please ask us about the Orthotica Moore Balance Brace compliance packet created by Podiatric experts in Fall Risk and Coding/Compliance.

Some number of patients scheduled to see you today are at risk of falling. If you don’t have a falls prevention program powering your clinic’s services and revenues, you are missing an enormous opportunity, and your patients’ risk for falls grows daily.

In this webinar, Dr. Moore explains all of the ins and outs of launching or strengthening a falls prevention program – without spending a dime in marketing – and why it’s so important to clinic and patient alike.

Though epidemic in today’s senior population, falls are a well-guarded secret. Older Americans who suffer a fall often don’t tell family, friends or physicians for fear they’ll become a burden or will lose their independence.

Talking to patients about fall risk, therefore, requires some specialized knowledge and skill. This webinar will arm you with everything you need to know and do in order to reduce patients’ risk and prevent potentially catastrophic scenarios.

The Moore Balance Brace Signature Edition is the most advanced product for seniors and others at risk of falling. Exclusively fabricated and distributed by Orthotica Labs, the MBB Signature Edition device is a substantial improvement over Dr. Jonathan Moore’s original MBB. The MBB Signature Edition is a flexible, light weight AFO whose proven effectiveness will keep seniors independent, active and healthy, while significantly reducing health care costs.

First in a series of webinars focused on falls prevention and how the Moore Balance Brace Signature Edition can significantly decrease the risk of falls in our senior population and help them maintain their independence. The series will also provide expert, practical advice on how podiatrists and other medical professionals can establish a falls prevention program in their practice. The series is hosted by Orthotica Labs in association with Lower Extremity Review (LER) and is presented by Dr. Jonathan Moore, DPM.

About Jonathan Moore, DPM


Dr. Moore received his Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree from the California College of Podiatric Medicine in 1999. He subsequently completed a three-year podiatric medical/surgical residency including a Diabetic Foot Fellowship at the University of Texas Health Science Center. As a result of his hard work, Dr. Moore became the first foot and ankle surgeon to be appointed staff privileges at Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital.

Dr. Moore is widely published on numerous foot and ankle-related topics and serves on multiple professional boards. He was also named as one of Podiatry Management’s most influential podiatric physicians in America.