Fashionista Fit

Orthotica’s narrowest device, the Fashionista ensures fit and function while minimizing bulk. The Fashionista is an ideal device for contemporary, high-heeled “pump” style footwear.  Fashionistas are configured with narrow trim lines, shallow heel cups and intrinsic posting in the rearfoot and forefoot. They are finished with our vegan leather top cover and a thin polyurethane foam base.


Heel Cup: 1/4″
Rearfoot Post: 0° Extrinsic
Top Cover: Vegan Leather
Top Cover Padding: 1/16″ O-Foam

ScriptWise™ Pathology Profiles

Hallux Limitus

Hallux limitus is a condition that diminishes flexibility of the hallux at the 1st MPJ. Patients with hallux limitus often present with complaints of pain upon walking. As the condition progresses, bone spurs and arthritic changes can take place, eventually eliminating all available motion at the 1st MPJ. Inefficient windlass mechanism is often a contributing factor. 

ScriptWise™ Modifications

2° Intrinsic Post

1/16th” O-Foam to Toes

1st Ray Cut-Out

Hallux Platform

Hallux Rigidus

Hallux rigidus is a form of degenerative arthritis of the metatarsophalangeal, or MTP, joint. Translated from the Latin as ‘stiff big toe’, hallux rigidus is a common joint disorder that causes pain and stiffness at the base of the big toe as well as swelling and inflammation at the MTP. Affecting women more than men and usually occurring between the ages of 30 and 60, it’s not uncommon for a bone spur to develop on top of the toe.
ScriptWise™ Modifications

2° IntrinsicPost

Morton’s Extension

1/16th” O Foam to Toes


Metatarsalgia is a common overuse disorder referring to pain and inflammation of the ball of the foot. The pain can be sharp or dull and may be accompanied by a burning feeling. Sufferers often describe it as the feeling of a pebble in their shoe. Distance running and other high-impact sports increase risk. Improper or ill-fitting shoes also increase risk.

ScriptWise™ Modifications

3° Varus Extrinsic Post

Metatarsal Pad