Moore Balance Brace Signature Edition Features Significant Advances in Helping Prevent and Lower
The Risk of Senior Falls

Riverhead, NY – June 14, 2022Orthotica Labs today announced that its state-of-the-art custom orthotic laboratory will be the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of the Moore Balance Brace Signature Edition. Boasting enhanced stability, a more patient-friendly closure system and longer lasting materials, the MBB Signature Edition will prove a significant advance in helping to prevent and lower the risk of senior falls according to Dr. Jonathan Moore, podiatric physician and creator of the Moore Balance Brace.

Said Dr. Moore, “I am thrilled to be working with such a talented team of designers and fabricators in creating the most advanced product for seniors and others at risk of falling. I believe providers will immediately see enhanced balance and improved gait in patients wearing the Moore Balance Brace Signature Edition.”

Developed by Dr. Moore in collaboration with Orthotica Labs, the MBB Signature Edition will help seniors maintain and prolong independent living by reducing their risk of falling. According to Orthotica Labs’ co-founder Jason Kraus, the MBB Signature Edition will also help clarify and simplify what has become a confusing marketplace of unproven MBB knock-offs.

“The Moore Balance Brace is the only balance brace clinically proven to reduce postural sway and increase postural stability. Since its introduction in 2011, many manufacturers of ankle foot orthoses (AFOs) have attempted to reverse engineer the MBB, causing confusion for practitioners and patients alike. The important advances present in the MBB Signature Edition will go a long way toward clearing the air.”

About the Moore Balance Brace Signature Edition

With a new, advanced rearfoot posting system plus an easy to use and far more durable padded tongue and strap, the MBB Signature Edition will become the new standard in addressing fall risk factors through the use of a customized ankle foot orthosis (AFO). With a sleek and durable all-leather cover, the MBB Signature Edition will last longer and function better in enhancing postural stability and promoting a more stable gait. Lower extremity risk factors account for a large percentage of senior falls at a cost of over $50 billion in direct medical costs each year. (CDC). Addressing lower extremity risk factors through the use of a flexible, light weight foot and ankle orthosis is a proven and effective approach to keeping seniors independent, active and healthy, while significantly reducing health care costs.

About Orthotica Labs

Headquartered in Riverhead, NY, Orthotica Labs fabricates custom orthoses for healthcare practitioners who treat diseases associated with the lower extremities. The company’s ‘clinic first’ doctrine ensures that healthcare providers and their patients enjoy a friction-free experience leading to optimal patient outcomes, as well as practice growth and efficiency.

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