Custom Made Easy

Efficiency and Reliability

 The first rule of custom orthotics manufacturing is that an inefficient lab means an inefficient clinic. We know you’re shaking your head yes because we know that you have felt the sting of an unreliable orthotic lab. Orthotica’s promise to you and your clinic is peace of mind. Every aspect of our operation has been designed to deliver on that promise and we’re confident we’ve hit the mark.

How does our efficiency transfer to your own and increase your bottom line? For the first time, you’ll know with great accuracy when to appoint your patients for their dispensing visit. No more indecision, reappointments or angry patient phone calls. The devices you receive from Orthotica will be exactly what you ordered; manufactured to the precise specifications you prescribed. Period.

Oh, and when we say we’ll do something, we’ll actually do it. And we’ll let you know once it’s done.

Access and Accountability

Have a question or concern? Our seasoned customer service team is second to none and response time is an obsession. As an added convenience, Orthotica offers Live Chat during regular business hours.

Maximum Quality

Orthotica has tapped its founders’ combined wisdom, experience, resources and emphasis on excellence in order to guarantee product satisfaction. Delivering maximum quality custom orthotics is not our end goal, it’s the bare minimum.