How We Ensure an Exceptional Customer Experience

In today’s super-competitive business landscape, providing excellent customer service and delivering a memorable customer experience are crucial for building lasting relationships and driving success. But the ideal approach, Orthotica Labs’ approach, goes beyond meeting expectations; it involves understanding customer needs, creating personalized interactions, and fostering a customer-centric culture.

Here are just a few ingredients in Orthotica Labs’ ‘secret sauce’ for always exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Empathy: We imagine ourselves in our customer’s shoes

The foundation of exceptional customer service is empathy. Understanding customers’ emotions, concerns and desires allows us to address their needs effectively. By imagining ourselves in our customer’s shoes, we gain insight into their perspective and tailor our approach accordingly. Active listening, displaying patience and showing genuine care are essential aspects of empathetic customer service. Orthotica customers feel understood and valued. And that makes us feel pretty good.

Effective Communication: Timely, clear, transparent

Orthotica’s customers have a great appreciation for the way we communicate with them. How do we know? Because they tell us…often. They tell us how surprised they are at how available we make ourselves; about how quickly questions and concerns are addressed; about how thorough we are; about how we go above and beyond. We provide our customers with accurate information, we set realistic expectations, and we keep our customers updated 24/7 throughout the ‘orthotic journey’. We also actively engage with them. We regularly seek their feedback and keep the lines of communication open so that we can better understand and anticipate their needs.

Continuous Improvement: Anticipating needs and always innovating

Orthotica Labs strives to stay ahead of our customers’ evolving needs and expectations. First and foremost, the founders of Orthotica have been at this a really long time and have a well-earned reputation for innovation. We never lose our curiosity and we try never to be satisfied with the status quo. We are constantly analyzing customer data, identifying pain points, and on the lookout for opportunities for enhancement. Our NOVA® technology platform delivers an industry-leading workflow that customers rave about. NOVA® provides continual access to the information they consider most critical including:

  • Online Order Management 
  • 24/7 billing and accounting access
  • On-demand order tracking throughout the manufacturing process
  • Integrated outcome measurement & patient recall tools
  • Automated shipment tracking

If there’s something we haven’t yet thought of to help you be the absolute best caregiver to your patients while steadily growing your practice, let us know…if we don’t let you know first 😊