Moore Balance Brace Signature Edition

The Moore Balance Brace Signature Edition is the most advanced product for seniors and others at risk of falling. Exclusively fabricated and distributed by Orthotica Labs, the MBB Signature Edition device is a substantial improvement over Dr. Jonathan Moore’s original MBB. The MBB Signature Edition is a flexible, light weight AFO whose proven effectiveness will keep seniors independent, active and healthy, while significantly reducing health care costs. The MBB is the only balance brace clinically proven to reduce postural sway and increase postural stability*

Clinical Indications for the MBB Signature Edition includes:

  • History of falls
  • Balance deficits
  • Muscle weakness
  • Postural instability
  • Chronic ankle Instability
  • Arthritic ankle
  • Foot drop
  • Diabetic peripheral neuropathy




Leather Overlap Velcro (Default)

In partnership with Dr. Jonathan Moore, podiatric physician and creator of the Moore Balance Brace, Orthotica Labs is excited to present the Moore Balance Brace (MBB) Signature Edition, a significant upgrade to the original Moore Balance Brace. Orthotica Labs is the exclusive fabricator and distributor of this new and improved balance AFO, first introduced in 2011.

The Moore Balance Brace is the only balance brace clinically proven to reduce postural sway and increase postural stability*.

The MBB Signature Edition features these substantive improvements:

Faithfully captures the contour of the arch

Of the many copycat ‘balance braces’ on the market, none accomplish this important innovation.

Greater Stability

Rearfoot stabilization of the device has been modified and enhanced with an extrinsic post controlling frontal plane motion

Patient-Friendly Closure

All patients, but especially those who are dexterity-challenged, will find the MBB Signature Edition’s new closure system more accessible and far simpler to manage.

Superior Durability

A less versatile textile has been replaced with high-grade leather, delivering improved longevity, reduced need of refurbishment and exceptional patient comfort.